Important Notice about Tariffs

September 5, 2019

Due to the tariffs imposed by the United States government on goods made in China, import costs have increased drastically for our items over the last few months and will continue to increase into 2020. Because of this we will be enacting a Temporary 5% Offset Fee on all new orders that will go into effect on Monday September 16th.  In the case of these tariffs being revoked we will stop charging this fee.

If you have an order currently entered in our system your prices will remain the same. Likewise, any order placed before this date will not be affected. 

Unfortunately we cannot fully absorb these costs and we appreciate your assistance in carrying these additional fees.  This is a temporary measure and pricing will return to normal once the tariff issue with China is resolved. 

We hope you will continue to view Wild Eye Designs as your trusted partner and resource for barware, serveware, and gifts.

If you would like to learn more about these tariffs and how they will effect you and your business please check out the links below:


Thank you for your understanding.