Have Wine, Will Travel

July 24, 2017

Uncork a World of Possibilities: Wine Travelers and Carriers from Wild Eye Designs

Wild Eye Designs’ new Wine Travelers and Carriers with cups are a smart and sustainable solution for the consumer who wants to bring their wine with them.

Picnics, cottages, beaches, and backyard barbecues are just a few of the places people want to bring wine with them, but how? Glass bottles are heavy; they can break easily, and aren’t allowed in many locations. Wine glasses are tricky to transport without breaking either, and disposable plastic cups are not eco-friendly. How do you take your wine without risking broken glass or adding to the landfill? Luckily, Wild Eye Designs has an innovated solution – Wine Travelers and Carriers, with cups!

Take your wine anywhere! There Wine Travelers feature 3 unique sayings and are perfect for camping and outdoor trips.


The compact Wine Travelers are great for drinking wine on the move, such as on a hike or on a stroll through the park. The 14 fl. oz. Wine Travelers are made of plastic with a built in wine shaped cup. The strong plastic won’t shatter like a glass bottle, and the smaller  size means it won’t take up space to much space in your bag. They feature three fun wine themed phrases and even come with a wrist strap for easy carrying. They’re the perfect items for the environmentally conscious consumer looking for a classy and convenient way to bring wine on all their travels.

Double walled Wine Carriers keep your wine chilled and fresh.

Likewise, Wild Eye’s Portable Wine Carriers are made of insulated double-walled stainless steel and hold whole standard bottle of wine! Each bottle come with two large (16 fl oz) reusable plastic cups that attach to the base for easy transport. The cups come in stylish black and are made of durable plastic that won’t shatter like a wine glass. This combination makes the perfect accessory for group camping trips or Sundays in the park.

At last there’s a better way to be a portable sommelier!