Make Lunch Cool Again

July 24, 2017

Right Off the Runway:  Wild Eye Design’s New Fashionable Insulated Handbags

Wild Eye Design’s new insulated wine handbags and lunch carriers have way more uses than we can count! They are insulated to make great re-usable lunchbags, or everyday handbags suitable for a wide range of consumers.

Pictured here with a red croc finish, this stylish lunchbag can hold your lunch and daily essentials.

As customers become increasingly eco-conscious, ‘brown bagging it’ and throwaway packaging is no longer cool. The average college student wouldn’t be caught dead dragging their old cartoon lunchbox around campus. Luckily, Wild Eye Designs has a few suggestions for eco-friendly wine bags, and lunch bags with seriously grown-up style.

From top left; WHB128X2, WHB449T2, WHB326X2, WHB395X2, LUN775A4, LUN775A3

With two different profiles and six different fashion textures to choose from there is a bag to fit your unique style. The lunch carriers taller shape can fit all the nutrient packed lunch you need for a busy workday. Wild Eye’s wine carrier purses are just the thing to bring an ‘adult lunch’ and can hold two standard size bottles of wine.

These bags make great gifts and will hit the market in time for the holiday season.