1. How can I place an order?

By Web
It’s so easy! Sign up or sign in and shop until you drop.

By Phone
Call us with your order at (800) 824 0496

By Fax
Fax your order to (800) 428 0520

By Email
Send your order to [email protected]

At a Trade Show
Find our trade show schedule here. Hope to see you there!

2. What is your minimum order?

Minimum order and re-order total is $250.00.

3. Why are items only sold in certain increments?

All our items are sold in “sold pers”. As a wholesaler, we only ship in bulk quantity. We strive to make sure the minimum quantities are low enough to be accessible for even the smallest retail stores.

4. How can I pay for an order?

By Credit Card
We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
By Check
If you have been approved for Net Terms, you can send us a check!

5. What currency are prices in?

All prices are listed in US Dollars.

6. How can I check the status of my order?

Tracking is emailed. All orders shipping via UPS are now eligible for email tracking. If we have your email on file, you will be emailed tracking from UPS. You can track the status of your online order here, but please keep in mind that “completed” only means that your order has been sent to the warehouse for processing.

7. What about backorders?

Please specify your preference for backorder when you place your order in the notes section: a) backorders accepted, b) backorders not allowed, or c) please call. Unless otherwise stated, we assume that you accept backorders and will ship any backorders over $75.00 automatically. We contact before closing off any backorders even if your preference is “not allowed”.If you specify “ship complete” we will try  to ship as complete as possible. Since orders contain many different item types, it is sometimes not possible – especially on orders with many line items – to ship everything all at once. If this is really important to you, we strongly reccomend participating in one of our pre-booking programs that gives you priority stock allocation. Please ask your sales rep about this.

8. How can I order a catalog?
9. What are the shipping costs?

In order to ensure predictable shipping rates and not to penalize customers for heavier items, our shipping rates are calculated as a percentage of your total order depending on your location. We ship out of Kenmore, NY. Enter your State/Province at checkout to calculate your shipping percentage.If you have a shipping account with one of the major carriers (FedEx or UPS), we can use your account and we won’t charge you any handling. It’s up to you!

10. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

It depends on how far you are from Kenmore, NY. Generally we aim to delivery in 7 – 10 business days from order placement.

11. What carriers do you use?

Our standard shipping carrier is UPS Ground. We can also ship collect if you have your own collect shipping account with any major Shipping Company. You can also enter special shipping notes at checkout.

12. Do you ship to Canada?

Yes we ship to Canada on a regular basis. To make it as seamless as possible for our Canadian friends, we cover all duties, customs and brokerage fees. Once your order crosses the border, it ships UPS Ground from Mississauga, ON. Unfortunately we can’t ship on collect accounts in Canada.

13. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but you must have a freight forwarding company located within the United States or Canada. All international orders must be prepaid. We cannot ship internationally directly, but will can provide you with a commercial invoice and assist with completing any export documentation that is required from us for your country.

14. How can I sell Wild Eye Designs in my store?

Visit our Registration page and sign up to become a registered retailer!

15. How can I buy Wild Eye Designs for myself?

View our Wild Eye Designs retailers here.

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