Bar Set


Bar Set



Where science and novelty meet. The ultimate Bar Chemistry Shot Glass Set. Epic for your home bar or makes a great gift for any nerd or mixologist! This set is great to be creative and make various cocktails. A serving rack is included to hold your potions, oh I mean shots or concoctions! and serve to your guest. Perfect for all chemists, lab rats, and scientists, this bar set stands alone in creative bar glassware. Makes for a perfect gift for your nerdy science friends or family member who also love to serve up drinks at house parties! Set of 15 Includes: 9 Test Tube Shot Glasses (1 fl. oz.) 3 Mini Measuring Beakers (2 fl. oz.) 1 Large Mixing Beaker (10 fl. oz.) 1 Glass Stir Stick 1 Metal Carrying Tray The carrying tray has 9 metal ring stands for hanging and storing the test tube shot glasses and room to place the flask shot glasses and flask mixer to carry it all at one time. Create your own scientific concoctions! Glass is dishwasher safe. However, labels may experience wear so hand washing is advisable.

Set of 15 Includes:

  • 15 Total Pieces
  • 9 Test Tube Shot Glasses (1oz), 3 flask Shot Glasses (2oz), 1 Flask Mixer (10oz), 1 Glass Stir Rod, Metal Carrying Tray
  • Great Gift for Chemists and Scientists
  • Serve Your House Guests In Style
  • Create Your Own Concoctions