A Day At The Beach

February 5, 2013

Each season, the Wild Eye design team spends time pouring over upcoming trends and examining current ones, and analyzing our own product line in order to better understand our own strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement.

So naturally when we saw glowing neons and vibrant malachite’s appearing during our research we realized we had a great opportunity to embrace a new spring trend as well as fill a hole in our existing line. Green was a colour we had not fully explored in our previous collections and it was high time we give it the place in our showroom it deserved.

After the rich forest greens of the winter, our design team felt it was important to embrace the beach life of upcoming spring. The excitement of driving to the coast to serve up barbeque and seafood by the waves.

This beach-house nostalgia came just at the right time when we decided that it was time again to mix it up a little and give you a completely new design, comprising of soft sea glass rather than our traditional beading. The organic twists and turns of eroded edges we began working seemed to perfectly match to the holiday weekend serving up cool dishes as the sun drifts across the sky.

We’ve since discovered we aren’t the only ones who have fallen in love with this ocean green, as Charlotte Olympia releases new platform sandals and brands like Burberry and Rodarte introduce stunning blue-greens hues accented with delicate golds and Micheal Kors brings out a Nautical Stripe.

Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’ve hit our mark when we give you the goods to serve in style this beach season.


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