A Purse For Every Occasion

December 19, 2012


Over the last year, if there is one thing you made clear to us, its how much you love our wine stoppers. Our new High Heel and Handbag bottle stoppers flew off the shelves faster than anything else, and so we decided we wanted to give you something more.



Right away we had an updated High Heel Stopper ready for you, after all we’ve been rolling out fantastic new shoes all over the place. It was the Handbags we knew needed some extra love and care. This was a really exciting project for our design team since they love to get their hands dirty. So out came the clay, we had a few ideas in mind and wanted to make sure they looked as good in three dimensions as they did on paper.



Our first little model showed us a few things right away. We saw clearly that the clasp or decoration on the front of the bag was going to be a very, very important and prominent feature, and that also the strap would have to be pretty sturdy.


From there, we made a few new variations, opting for a softer shape, and a more durable material. Super-sculpy is a really fun and amazing tool for these sorts of projects. We were able to make a separate base for the purse which would be equal in size to the high heel version, so they would compliment each other in scale. After all, we wouldn’t want you to have to choose one over the other. We even started to add bits of the fabric we’d been using for a our new High Heel Wine Bottle Holders to really pull the updated stoppers in to our existing collections. Things were starting to really come together.


At this point, we managed to combine several of our ideas and began communicating to our manufacturing teams by creating some digital mock-ups of what we had in mind. We’d also be adding three new sets to the mix; red, silver, and gold glitter to expand those collections.



After a few discussions on how best to make everything come together, we had our new Wine Stoppers. Both the Purse and High Heel versions will be available at our trade show booths, as well as online for you to add to your store’s collection.